Collections for Charity

Some members collect various items for charitable purposes, listed here:

Collections for Re-cycling or Donating

Clothing, bedding etc.

For Shiloh Centre on Westgate: contact Peter Russum or members of the Over 80s Group.

Used Spectacles

(no cases please) for Vision Aid Overseas. To be graded and sent to aid people in Africa: put in collection box or contact Peter Little or Michael Brumpton.

Tools for Self Reliance

Not garden tools thanks, but this charity collects and re-furbishes tools to help people earn a living in third world countries, eg carpentry, building, metalwork and bicycle repair tools. For a full list see club binder. Contact John Wadsworth

Yorkshire Tea Barcodes

Please give them to Peter Little.

For Wheelchairs: The Barcodes are worth credits, depending on the pack size which you buy.
80 tea bags = 1 credit 160 tea bags = 2 credits 240 tea bags = 3 credits
For every 10 credits returned we'll donate £1 to the Wheelchair Foundation. Every £75 that we donate buys and delivers one new wheelchair, so, with 56,000 Rotarians in Rotary GB&I, and only 750 credits required to buy and deliver one chair, we're expecting an enormous response!

Inkjet & Toner Cartridges plus Mobile Phones

Please give to Brian Curson for recycling.

Branded Inkjet cartridges will be recycled and proceeds given to our Benevolent Fund. Unfortunately Epson, Brother and Kodak ink cartridges cannot be accepted, neither can non-virgin cartridges which have been re-cycled previously.

All Laser Toners may be re-cycled, but have little or no recycle value. However they are better recycled than put into landfill.

Mobile phones can have value of up to £70 when recycled, but it is worth checking whether a better price can be offered as a trade in for your new phone.

Used Stamps

For Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. Please give to John Colton.

Stamps should be undamaged, and trimmed to around 6mm away from the perforations. If the franking mark has an interesting slogan this should be included. Any country or denomination ok.

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