Mini Assembly 13th Jan 2011

Thu, Jan 13th 2011 at 12:00 am -


Membership Committee Developments for mini-Assembly Thursday 13th January 2011.

 A Questionnaire was circulated to all members to find out "Why did you join Rotary and how can we develop and attract new members?  80% responded. 4 key priorities were established from the feedback.

 Key Priority 1.  Recruitment of new members and Retention of existing members.

 Popular reasons for joining; Serving communities and giving back to society. Enjoyment of meeting people with a common purpose.

 All the opportunities that exist, including low cost/free CPD need promoting to attract new members. (Members should use the project planning guidance note and) consideration for membership recruitment needs to be built into every project undertaken. More advance notice of speakers of different types will help with inviting new members, both single people and also couples

 The way forward for recruitment is getting current members to invite people to attend meetings. Information evenings also are being considered. Getting all members to be pro-active is seen as crucial to the future health of the Club. Names of potential new members need to sought from current membership.


Key Priority 2.  Widen discussion on the current format of evening meetings.

 A good number of responses received indicated that a number of members favoured a change in the format of the evening meetings. Here are a few examples;


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