Press Report 24-11-2010 - Bill McLeod & Mike Taylor

Wed 24th November 2010

Focus Interview Bill McLeod & Mike Taylor

Focus Interview: Bill Mcleod and Michael Taylor

Bill Mcleod conducted a very entertaining interview with Michael Taylor on his upbringing in Ellon.

Michael was born and brought up in Ellon. He lived with his parents in the grounds of Ellon Primary where his Father was the Janitor. His Father was also a Councillor in the old Town Council and a Youth Club Leader which amazingly had a membership of 81.

Michael admitted to hating school and said the Teachers were scary, he was battered on the fingers with a ruler frequently because he wrote with his left hand.

He said this is the reason he has a stammer. It was not until his own son was diagnosed as being dyslexic that he realised that this was what he also had lived with all these years.

Michael reflected on his teenage years being great, swimming in the Ythan and getting up to various tricks and pranks.

Michaels first job was as a message boy for a local Grocer and was a member of The Boys Brigade at the same time as Rotarians Brian Milne and Stephen Burnett.

His first job on leaving school was with a Granite Merchants cutting stones but this was not the job for him. He eventually got a drawing job with Scott Sutherland of The School of Architecture fame which proved to be the better choice of career.

Michael told us about his many hobbies including Ski-ing, Sand-Yachting and even enjoyed much fun with a Hovercraft he bought.

Michael set up Taylor Design Services in 1983 because of a lack of work in his job with Scotts due to the recession.

His first job was to be for local Joiner and Builder Alistair Simpson and Michael realised to his horror he didnt even have a clue what to charge him for an hourly rate. Over the years TDS has expanded and gone from strength to strength, the rest as they say is history!

Derek Ritchie

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