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weekly news 18 July 2011

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Notes on the meeting of 18th July

Another well attended meeting with only three apologies and three guests; one being John Kennedy whom had, along with Mike Dalton and others, been instrumental in the re-building of the
Village Hall.  Our guest speaker was Kevin Patience (back by popular demand) on the subject of 'The real story of the Bridge over the River Kwai.' He gave a harrowing account of the suffering
and lives lost in the building of the railway, so important to the Japanese war effort.  Although the celebrated film was based upon a book originally written by a French POW strangely the French never got a mention thereafter!


Terry gave a gristly vote of thanks.



  • Club Council
    (Allan, Brian, Roy, Alex, Nigel, Nick, David and JP (+ Bob
         and the scouts)) Tuesday 19th July. 7.00 pm start.

  • Our club's web  pages have been upgraded to include promotion of our Beer Fest on the
     District web site. Well-done Mike! Go have a look: District 1110 web pages, find the 'log on' page, and ask for username.

  • Suggestion of joining forces with Highcliffe R.C. in November, probably at Hoburne to endure the DG's (Caroline Millman) visit was approved. But may be revised after next week's Boules match v. Highcliffe!

  • Allan's considering holding his President's Night at the Captains Club (