Message in a Bottle Scheme

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How does the Scheme work?

Your details are stored in a clearly marked Plastic Bottle which is kept in your fridge door. Two matching Green Cross labels which are known by the Emergency Services and other care agencies, are displayed in your home. Quick access to the details in the bottle enables others to help you more effectively in an emergency situation

What do you have to do?

1.      Complete the form overleaf in CAPITAL LETTERS using a ballpoint pen.

2.      Roll the form up and put it into the Plastic Bottle provided.

3.      Put the Plastic Bottle on a shelf in your fridge door where it is visible and safe.

4.      Stick one of the Green Cross stickers provided on the INSIDE of your FRONT DOOR so that it is NOT VISIBLE FROM THE OUTSIDE but IS VISIBLE FROM INSIDE.  Stick the other one on the OUTSIDE OF YOUR FRIDGE DOOR.  Make sure the stickers are clearly visible.

5.      If there are other people in your household who may benefit from the scheme, each one should use a separate bottle and mark it clearly e.g. with Mr, Mrs or their first name.

The Message in a Bottle Emergency Information Scheme in this area is administered by the Rotary Club of Mumbles which meets every Monday (except Public Holidays) at Norton House Hotel at 7:00pm.

If you require more bottles or forms please contact the person who gave you the original bottle or contact the Rotary Club of Mumbles

 PLEASE NOTE:  For reasons of confidentiality, the Rotary Club of Mumbles does not keep a record of recipients of Message Bottles.  The Club is not involved in the completion of the forms and cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of information therein.

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President Elect Ieuan will set out initial plans and thoughts for the next Rotary Year. One aim is to have a return to face to face contact when permitted by the Welsh Government Covid 19 rules.