Please Help Me........

Tue 13th December 2011

A visit from the Margaret Ryan and Elspeth Bailie, the author and illustrator of our book on albinism in Tanzania part funded by a grant from the Rotary Foundation.

Mountainous tasks lie ahead for the Club and several of its members. 

January 2012 will find some bravehearts of the Club (and fit ones at that) climbing all 19,340 feet of mighty Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa; while other Club members undertake equally mountainous tasks working with children in Tanzania. 

5th and 6th Year St Andrew's High School pupils and Rotary Interactors Lauren Brand, Emma Harley and Cameron Waters were present with Head Teacher Patrick Callaghan and Maths Teacher Mrs Clare Maclean to hear Rotarian Alan Suttie outline the forthcoming visit to Africa by several Rotarians of the Club. 

Hands on support and financial support will be given to Patandi Teacher Training School for the Blind, to Upendo Leprosy Mission, and to Tengeru School at Patandi. In addition, 4,000 copies of 'Please help me....' are being shipped to Tanzania for distribution to schools nationwide. 

St Andrews based authoress Margaret Ryan read the text of her beautifully illustrated book, printed by Kirkcaldy's own Multiprint company. With funding from local Rotary sources,'Please help me...' is published to counter cruel and barbaric practices inflicted upon Albino children in Tanzania; oftimes victims of witchcraft and black magic resulting in mutilation and death.  

Rotary's Dundee Discovery Club is associated with this worthy venture initiated by Club member Alan Suttie. In a deserved vote of thanks, Past President Bill Stewart spoke for all present in congratulating Margaret Ryan and Alan Suttie and all who had made the various Tanzanian projects a reality that will help not a few Tanzanian boys and girls.