Club Activities

Celebration of Geoff Lowles 50 years membership of Seaford Rotary with from left: Tony Osborne, President Martin McGill, Geoff Lowles, John Preddy, Tony Lees and Keith Carlisle

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After having had to postpone our intended Barcombe walk due to recent heavy rain there was some considerable doubt, due to an adverse weather forecast, as to whether we could even manage a local outing.  However, nine hardy souls and two dogs assembled at the Martello tower in hope, and in the event it was decided to give it a go despite the westward looking sky being as black as Hades.  We duly proceeded from the Martello tower in the direction of the Yacht club, the intention being to walk to Tidemills.

Within approx 100 yards of the Yacht club the heavens duly opened which encouraged us to quicken our pace in order to take refuge in the welcoming cafe where we revived ourselves with hot drinks.   Even though the sky had cleared by the time we got up to leave, discretion triumphed over valour and we decided to retrace our steps back to the town.

We managed to stay largely dry and, after having unsuccessfully sought a lunch at The Plough due to their total ban on dogs within the Pub, we settled down for pleasant meal and drink at The Boot.

Good fellowship had been enjoyed as well as some worthwhile exercise despite the efforts of the weather gods!

By Mike Allen