International activities

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The Club responds to world emergencies as and when they happen in a number of ways:-

-       Cash Collections to support disasters at various points in the town  known as "tin shakes"

-        Direct contributions to Rotary Clubs in the area of the established need.

-      Contribution to other UK Rotary Clubs handling large projects needing additional financial support

-      We purchase Aqua Boxes (container filled with basic life sustaining needs which acts as a water purifier when empty) for the club members and other organisations to fill. They are then forwarded to a disaster coordination centre for distribution.

-        We purchase Shelter Boxes (Large container already filled with total life support facilities including shelter and cooking utensils). They are then despatched to the area of need by a relief organisation as and when the need arises.

-      We collect medical equipment and spectacles that are surplus to local requirements and deliver to a central warehouse from which they are despatched to under developed countries.

We promote goodwill with other countries with visitors, speakers, visits and have a "twinning" type arrangement with the Rotary Club of Grenoble Sud in  France