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A message from President Steve Kennedy

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Bangor. Our Club is a very dynamic and enthusiastic club with 50 members and growing!  We are an integral part of our local community and enjoy their total support.   We help our local Youth through our Vocational and Community committees and spread Peace through our International donations, not to mention our other committees who are also very enthusiastic in contributing to spreading Peace and Rotary the World Over.  I urge you to join us and enjoy this family day and feel what it is like to help your own people and make a difference.

Join us and enjoy the fellowship and make a difference in your local and international community as we work hard to eradicate Polio and help in providing the source of life to those who most need it through the Water Aid programme across the continents.

Steve Kennedy

Club President for 2020/21

Rotary Club of Bangor