Compliance Statement

Compliance details below

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The Rotary Club of  Bangor

certifies that it applies and conforms with the requirements of the following Rotary policies:-

1.     Health & Safety Policy as revised and available on the RIBI website – download section

President Stephen Kennedy   Responsible  Rotarian  Kevin Sivyer

2.     Safeguarding Policy 

            Details about Policy can be found on the RIBI website – secure area

            President Stephen Kennedy   Responsible Rotarian  Menna Gilbert

3.     Rotary Equality and Diversity Policy –  as published and available  on the RIBI website– download section

President Stephen Kennedy  Responsible Rotarian Stephen Buckley

            Date  27/03/2021.


1.     This form should be completed by the Club and returned to the Assistant Governor no later than the Club Assembly.

2.     Club should note that non-compliance with any of the above policies may invalidate the Club’s Rotary Insurance.

3.     Where any insurance claims/issues is/are involved, an inspection of Club minutes will apply so, record the signing of the Policies and individuals concerned.


Bob Maskall

Club Secretary