Friends of Sudbury Rotary

Interested in helping in the community but don’t have much time to offer to any charity organisation? You may find becoming a Friend of Rotary is just what you are looking for.

Throughout the year Sudbury Rotary Club is actively involved in local events and initiatives and is always grateful for additional help. You or your family may have seen or enjoyed events that are run by Rotary in the town or through local schools :

  • Crucial Crew - where each year we give over 700 primary school children the opportunity to experience and learn how to deal with real life situations,
  • Concert Evenings - the Schools’ Christmas concert and the Annual Prom Concert - a diverse array of enjoyable music,
  • The Christmas Tree Festival – a glorious display of Christmas trees filling St Peters Church, raising funds for Rotary’s chosen charities,
  • Street Collections - for major disasters and other deserving projects.

Rotarians come together to help others whilst enjoying fun and fellowship. Becoming a ‘Friend’ gives you the chance to be part of this and help us do more. We know that time can often be in short supply, but if you can offer just a few hours of your time to fit in with your other activities it can bring great satisfaction as well as the opportunity to enjoy the company of like-minded people.

As a ‘Friend’ you could help with events and would be kept regularly informed so that you can decide whether you are able to offer your support. If you think you would enjoy helping without the regular commitment of becoming a Rotarian then we invite you to become a ‘Friend’; to join in the fun and give us the occasional support. There are also social occasions where you would be welcome to join us. 

If you would like to find out more, please let us know via this e-mail link and we will make contact with you.