There are over 30,000 Rotary Clubs in over 130 countries across the globe. The Rotary Foundation is our own global charity undertaking humanitarian projects around the world. Our International team plans and co-ordinates our involvement in that work.


Lend with Care - using that charity to invest in individual or group enterprises to give them a start in business

Responded to the RGB&I Disaster appeal to support the rehabilitation of communities after the devastating bush fires  in Australia and the Beirut disaster.

Store collections raised much needed money to send to these areas.

End Polio Now supported to free the world of Polio



The committee is also responsible for coordinating the Club and community's response to worldwide disasters through support for ShelterBox we have sent over £60,000 over the years, thanks to generosity of local communities,




more Following the flooding in Pakistan we held a store collection on the 7th and 8th October at Tesco in Honiton , raising a sum of £1046. we will top the fund up to buy 2 shelterboxes.

Turkey/Syria Earthquake

more We collected at Sainsbury's in Ottery St Mary on 10/2/2023, in response this awful disaster , £1785 was raised , we have sent £2400 to Shelterbox this will provide 4 shelteboxes giving shelter, warmth, cooking facilities to those in need.

Collection for Hiati

more Members collected at Honiton Tesco on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th October 2021, t send much needed funds for Hiaiti which suffered a catastrophic earthquake in August 2021

Greg Lazell and David Incoll

India Covid collection

more Members collected outside of Tesco Honiton, raising money to help the people in India affected by Coronavirus.

Collecting outside Tesco in Honiton

Beirut disaster

more Following the bombings in Beiruit, Rotarians were only too willing to restart their primary function of raising money to help others.

Lend with care

more Lendwithcare brings together entrepreneurs in developing countries with people with the power to help them

Australian bushfire

more Through the generosity of the public a total of £1.341.17 was raised at Honiton Tesco and McColls , Ottery St Mary


more Early Spring each year sees a beautiful purple carpet of crocus blooming in many communities across Great Britain and Ireland . They have been planted by local Rotary Clubs like Otter Valley . WHY?

A Shelterbox


more A Shelterbox o. Otter Valley Rotary Club supports Shelterbox and frequently raises money to enable the organisation to send life saving equipment to areas where disasters have occurred.