International Initiatives

About our International activities.

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Our International committee is responsible for organising our links internationally and in particular for fundraising for charitable work outside the UK.

Examples of our recent activities are:

We organised a bucket collection very rapidly after typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and were able to raise money and send it off quickly.

We raised a substantial sum to support the Rotary campaign to eliminate polio world-wide.

 We are supporting a charity which supplies anti-malaria nets for Tanzania.

We support a charity which gives emergency relief after international disasters (Shelterbox).

We have 40-year-old link to a French Rotary club in Chatellerault which is a good example of the strength of Rotary's international links. Each year we organise a trip either to France or the UK and we have a Student Bursary Project with our twin club, for exchange of students to improve their language skills.

We also support a medical student in South Africa who would otherwise not have the funds to go to university.