Rotary Fun

.Rotarians and their other halves enjoying a fun day together

We have a Social programme which varies throughout the year and depends upon what everyone wants to do. But this includes (or did until Covid-19!) a get together in a bar once a month, a social activity (skittles, quiz, cinema or theatre visit, bowls, country walk etc)

 A typical year might also have the following events arranged for members.  Of course not everyone attends everything.  The idea is to provide a varied programme to suite all tastes.

Events include:

  • Club Christmas Dinner
  • A Presidents Dinner or Garden Party of Some Sort
  • Every 5 Years - A Charter Night Dinner (Our Birthday Party)

Trips Away

  • A President's weekend away in a hotel, usually organised by the President

Sport and Indoor Pursuits

The club has a number of Golfers who compete in Rotary and other competitions.  

Our District organisation also organises a number of annual knockout sports competitions against other clubs which are very popular, so please come and join us. These include badminton, darts, squash, skittles, cribbage etc.

There are many other activities which change every year.

Rotary Fun sub-pages:

Bandey Hefler Exchange

more A Rotary Exchange programme for Rotarians and their other halves. Rotarians from Massachusetts in the USA. They visit and stay with 4 UK Rotarians, then 18 months later we visit and stay with 4 of their Rotarians.