Youth Service

'Youth Service' embraces a variety of projects concerned with young people, including Rotaract in High Wycombe

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Scope of Youth Service

As its name implies, the Youth Service teams concern themselves with young people, including our local Rotaract Club.  In July 2014 Youth Service activities were divided among three teams instead of a single 'committee'.  Their combined scope embraces a variety of projects and initiatives, including those described below.

Endeavour Awards

Endeavour Awards are in recognition of a pupil's determined effort against the odds.
Five educational establishments in Wycombe have a standing invitation to nominate a boy or girl who has achieved something not solely by innate ability but by persistence in the face of difficulties that would have deterred more ordinary people.
So the choice is not made by the Rotary Club but by the school itself. And without exception the winner has deserved it ten times over!
The grounds for every Endeavour Award is different, but they share one characteristic - they renew our faith in the young.

Reading in Schools

This successful initiative is for volunteers, not solely Rotarians from the Committee, to read with young pupils.  Find out more about the scheme by clicking here.

Rotary Young Leadership Award (RYLA)

is a scheme that sends young people on a week's 'adventure' experience that has been shown to build the leadership, communication and decision-making skills of young people to help them apply these skills in their careers. One or two people are sponsored annually.

Technology Tournament (TT)

is an annual challenge for School teams to design and build a machine to achieve a set task (with three degrees of difficulty) using everyday materials and lots of ingenuity.  Imagination and innovation are more important than handicraft skills, and judges give points for a methodical approach as well as practical results.  Girls often beat the boys.
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Win that Job or Place

Young Chef

Youth Speaks

is an exciting opportunity for young people to develop public speaking skills. There are two age groups for the Competition – Intermediate 11 to 13 and Senior 14 to 17. This year our local winners of the Senior scetion from Wycombe Abbey School went on to achieve 2nd place in the National Finals as well receiving the award for Best Speaker. Contact us if you wish to participate next year.

Project and Initiative Champions:

'Champions' may not necessarily be core members of a Youth Service Team, but are affiliated to the appropriate Team.

Endeavour Awards -
Graham King
Reading in Schools -
Nigel King
Rotaract Liaison - 
Chris Harvey and Graham Peart
Technology Tournament -
Colin Wells
Win That Job or Place -
Louise Rollins
Young Chef -
Steve Sharp
Youth Speaks -
Martin Crook