for the Community

The Community Committee is dedicated to fund-raising for and support of charitable work in the locality.

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The committee organises events, some to provide a service, others to raise funds.  Monies raised are donated to charities operating in the local community.  Here are the typical 'regulars':

Kids Out

A day spent at Thorpe Park with kids and carers. An opportunity for Rotarians to spend the day at a Theme Park and join youngsters on the rides. This has been held usually in early June.

Stroke Awareness

Stroke is a serious health issue so one of the most important things we can do as an organisation is raise awareness of stroke amongst the folk of High Wycombe. We aim to raise awareness of stroke to the public by joining with St. John's Ambulance in the town centre and inviting people to have a blood pressure test carried out by trained volunteers.


This is great fun. We act as Caterers extraordinaire at the Firework Display at Terriers every November. This is a chance for Rotarians to use sharp objects to cut bread rolls and fill them with meat and sell to a willing public. Perhaps the most popular event in the Committees calendar.

Santa Collection

Santa is a member of the Rotary Club of Lapland and comes over to stay with one of our Members for a couple of weeks in December before his rush starts. We profit from his stay by taking him on a tour of Hazlemere. In a new sleigh, designed by Enzo Ferrari he gets towed from house to house to show off to the children and adults. A collection is made and the funds are put into the kitty.

Wine Tasting

At a wine tasting evening  Rotarians and their guests are challenged to choose the right wine. along the lines of Call My Bluff. A good evening with good food and a light-hearted look at fine wines.


The Committee will continue to support the club in any way it can, with enthusiasm.