International projects

The International projects and activities are co-ordinated within the Projects committee.

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International activities are part of the work of the Service Project committee -


Activities include:

1. The Naalarami Project, Tanzania - supporting the development of the school house and water supply


          - progress 2015

                       - working in co-operation with The Arusha Golden Sunrise Rotary Club, Tanzania.

2. Lend with care  - £1,000 loaned out repeatedly to carefully vetted microfinance projects in eg Africa, South America, Cambodia, Phillipines and India. Repayment rate 100% so far. Giving our savings an active purpose with little loss.

3. Shelterbox purchase.   


4. Aquabox purchase.                  

5. Organising the club's Annual International Cuisine Dinner.

6. Relations with overseas Rotary Clubs including the Rotary Club of Szeged, Southern Hungary     and Enschede Nord, Holland.

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