Service Projects

The Projects Committee manages fund-raising activities and recommends the charities to receive funding to the Club Council and Business meeting. It also supports our International projects.

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Projects Committee 2020-2021.

      Duncan Hannay Robinson - Chairman

John Helmsing, Colin Brown, Terry Gardner, Mike Smith, Bob Sadler, Amber Slamaite, Alan Franklin. David Ellis. 

Special responsibilities :       International - Amber S
                                             Christmas Car Parking - Dave E, Terry G.
                                             Charity Concerts - John H.
                                             Sports & Social - Colin B, Alan F, David A.

                                             Visits & Outings - Alan F
                                             Publicity - Naoum T.


Main Projects planned over 2020-2021 :

  •    Christmas Car Parking Dec 2018 - to fundraise by offering low cost seasonal parking to the public.
  •    Concerts - to fundraise by providing high quality musical experiences for all at West Rd Concert Hall.
  •    Social events/ Outings for club members, partners and guests.
  •    Choosing Charities to support in the coming year
  •    Support the school in Naalarami, Tanzania
  •    Aqua boxes - current state and future commitment
  •    Shelter Boxes - next years commitment
  •    International Cuisine Dinner 2018 - format/timing
  •    Liaison with the other three local Cambridge-area Rotary clubs 
  •    Lend With Care - microloans to projects in deprived areas of the World.