Service Projects

The Projects Committee manages fund-raising activities and recommends the charities to receive funding to the Club Council and Business meeting. It also supports our International and Social activities.

David Ellis
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Projects Committee 2018-2019.

         David Ellis - Chairman

John Helmsing, Colin Brown, Terry Gardner, Mike Smith, Bob Sadler, Amber Slamaite, Alan Franklin.

Special responsibilities :       International - Amber S
                                             Christmas Car Parking - Dave E, Terry G.
                                             Charity Concerts - John H.
                                             Sports & Social - Colin B, Alan F, David A.

                                             Visits & Outings - Alan F
                                             Publicity - Naoum T.


2     Priorities over 2018-2019 :
    i.    Christmas Car Parking Dec 2018 - to fundraise by offering low cost seasonal parking to the public.
    ii.   Concerts - to fundraise by providing high quality musical experiences for all at West Rd Concert Hall.

    iii.   Social events/ Outings for club members, partners and guests.
    iv.   Choosing Charities to support in the coming year
    v.    Support the school in Naalarami, Tanzania, also microfinance loans via Lend with Care.
    vi.   Aqua boxes - current state and future commitment
    vii.  Shelter Boxes - next years commitment
    viii.  International Cuisine Dinner 2018 - format/timing
    ix.   Liaison with the other three local Cambridge-area Rotary clubs 

    x.  Lend With Care - microfinancing projects in deprived areas of the World.  

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