Our Rotaract Club

Our Rotaract Club is very important to us.

Our Rotaract Club is a key element of our Club.  This is what they asked us to say:

Rotaract is:

  • a worldwide group of club for 18-30 year olds

  • linked to Rotary International, but to no other organisations

  • a club for everyone to join, whether you are black, white, blue, green, tall, short, thick, thin, whoever you pray to and if you travel by wheelchair or broomstick

  • a club that offers something for everyone, whether it's social, sporty, community, or charity activities you want to do

Rotaract is not:

  • political

  • religious

  • a dating agency

There is a lot more information on our Rotaract Club's own website


Youth Service is the Club committee that supports Rotaract. The Club's Rotaract Liaison member belongs to this committee.