As it's name suggests this committee deals with press releases and maintaining contacts with the media. Chairman Alan Arthur

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Plans for the year:

Alan Arthur

In order for us to get any copy in the local press we must remember that for any article submitted it must have some appeal to the general readers of the Telegraph & Argus and Keighley News and the listeners of local radio.

The Club will seek to publicise the work it undertakes by building on its contacts with local newspapers and experience gained in getting press releases into the local press and radio.
But to do this effectively all members of the Club should:

  • Let Alan Arthur know in advance if there is something which they are going to do which will be newsworthy and then
  • Supply him with interesting photographs of the event.  Please remember pictures of Rotarians are rarely interesting whilst those of pretty girls and young children are.

Whilst 90% of the work we will be undertaking will be outwardly focused we will still aim as in previous years to get regular articles in Rotary in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

This year we will attempt to get something in the local newspapers every four months to remind the local community who we are and what we are doing.  But to do this all Club members when planning events should discuss them with Alan Arthur who may be able to find some way to make them more interesting to the general public and thus to the local newspapers and radio.

This year we have had, as in previous years, articles in the Telegraph & Argus. Our biggest fund raising event is our annual Golf tournament at Ilkley Golf Club in June for which we have already prepared a draft press release.

So when planning any of our programmes we must not forget acquiring publicity for the goods work we do.

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