Known as CommVoc, C&V, or Community Service & Vocation Committee

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At District and Club Level, Community Service is often combined with Vocational Service and can be known as "CommVoc"; "Comm & Voc" or "C&V". Clubs and Districts are free to combine, or split, their service committees to best suit the communities they serve.  In our Club, they are combined.

Community Service is one of the five avenues of service within Rotary. The others are: Club, Vocational, International and New Generations.

Community Service is about volunteering in our communities and fund raising to support our communities.  It includes projects such as; Stroke Awareness, Sailability, Kids Out, Environment Spring Clean etc.

Vocational Service is involved in helping to develop young people with projects such as; RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award), Practice Interviews, Youth Speaks etc.

Some of our projects:-


Stroke Awareness

Practice Interviews

Kids Out

Wildlife Haven

Lavender House Concert

Lavender House Shopping

PCH Christmas Party

Community Project probably Heltwaite school garden

Rotary Spring Clean

Young Citizen

Youth Exchange

Sports Traider

Sports Traider is a charity that recycles sports gear for the benefit of the young whose parents cannot afford to buy new equipment.  Sports equipment is collected from those who no longer need it and is donated to Sports Traider.  Sports Traider then sells this equipment at a low price with the intent of encouraging youngsters to join in sports activities.  When the youngsters outgrow this equipment they are requested to recycle it through the Sports Traider shop.  The shop is run by young people who gain practical experience in running a retail outlet.


A major charity to link with the Golf Day is to be selected

Other donations subject to availability of funds will be donated to one or more of:-

Womens Aid


Hospital at Home

Sue Ryder Care


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