Mon 19th March 2012

Outline of the responsibilities.

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Any club member may create pages and add information.  In particular everyone should maintain their own personal details and preferences.  I am happy to assist any member in learning how to use the site but prepared to enter data myself for them if necessary.  I would especially like to hear from anyone with suggestions on what to include, remove or change of detail or pictures.  We could do with having more pictures of club activities for example, accompanied by descriptions according to need.


The aim is to create an interesting site for everyone to use including potential members.  It therefore needs to include explanations of our various activities in each area, as well as our objectives and our achievements.  We are of course aware of the atmosphere in our club but no-one else is; so to encourage new members to join us we must demonstrate that we have something interesting to offer.  We currently need to improve the site and the help of committee chairmen and all members have some responsibility to that end.


There are pages for each of the committees so this is an ideal place to record information such as that in the last paragraph.  There are tutorials available for anyone wanting help on using the site even though I understand that some may need to be updated with recent changes.


Barry Cockshott

19 March 2012





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