Club Service

Fri 20th February 2015

Rotary Day

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Club Service Committee

The Club Service Committee operates like the hub of the Rotary wheel enabling the other Club Committees to function effectively around it. Its remit is extensive, and includes membership recruitment, retention and development, finance, secretariat responsibilities, house activities, i.e. ensuring we have a good meeting place and varied menu for meals, social and sports activities, maintaining a varied programme of visiting speakers, co-ordinating the press and public relations activities and encouraging the evaluation of new initiatives aimed at ensuring the Club is attractive and efficient.

Highlights of current Club Service work include a membership recruitment initiative aimed at both women and men prospective members. This will involve activities designed to ensure we make Rotary membership attractive to new members.

The Club's social programme is vital to sustaining fellowship and morale amongst the membership and their partners. This is being achieved through an ambitious programme of sports activities, walks, a Christmas party, a brewery visit, and a trips to the theatre.

Maintaining a programme of interesting and relevant speakers at Club meetings is always a challenge. A dedicated Speakers' Secretary supported by other Club Service committee members and the Club membership works to achieve an attractive weekly programme.

The Committee's success depends partly on individual efforts but largely on teamwork across the Committee itself and the entire Club

Above all, Club Service encouages the development of new ideas and ways of working to help the Club acheive its objectives in the local and international communities.