Vocational Services

Vocational Services Committee

The Vocational Service Committee encourages Rotarians to serve others through their jobs and to practice high ethical standards.

Our Club's Vocational Service Committee looks out at the world of work in and around the Northwich area. The committee arranges trips and visits for Club members and their partners to local business and enterprises, participation in sports and other activities and visits to local places of interest.

The Rotary Club of Northwich Vale Royal visits Robinsons Brewery

Recently 33 Members and friends of the Rotary Club of Northwich Vale Royal took a vocational visit to the Robinsons Brewery in Stockport where the members enjoyed a full tour of the brewery site given by expert guides where they saw the latest Robinsons Brew House which is sited alongside the original one. The Robinsons Unicorn Brewery rests over the foundations of the Unicorn public house, marking the beginning of a family business which continues to thrive over 175 years later. Frederic Robinson took the helm of the brewery in 1859 and rapid expansion took place, resulting in 12 exclusive pubs for Robinsons Ale, beginning what was to eventually become an estate of more than 330 pubs across the North West & Wales. 

Over the past 6 decades Robinsons has continued to grow. October 15th 1975 saw the first bottling at a newly built packaging centre in Bredbury. Robinsons