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Mary’s Meals -- Witton Church Walk CE Primary School has been filling backpacks with basic educational items to help some of the world’s poorest children.

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Picture Courtesy of Northwich Guardian

International Committee

International & Foundation Projects are the priority of the club's International & Foundation Service committee.  The 6 Rotary Humanitarian Areas of Focus are:

Providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene

Supporting Education

Fighting disease

Saving mothers and children

Growing local economies

Promoting peace  Sources for assistance are:

  • Member's own overseas contacts.

  • District 1180 International Committee which identifies International priorities within our District and reports on what other nearby clubs may be doing.  Most clubs welcome  partnership arrangements with other Clubs in District 1180, Rotary GB&I and Globally.  

  • Rotary GB&I Opportunities to Serve, which contains details of over 30 overseas aid projects that meet the Rotary GB&I criteria.  Available on the member's restricted area at


The provision of clean and accessible water is always high on the Rotary agenda because it is an essential prerequisite for good health and successful education.  Sanitation education is invariably an essential component of any water project.  Northwich Vale Royal Rotary Club support many projects that provide clean water for areas that suffer from drought,  including Village Water,  Rotary Water Survival Box,  Excellent Development sand dams and many others

Health and Hunger

The top Rotary health priority is Polio Eradication.  This is by far the largest and best known Rotary programme.  Therefore successful eradication is essential for the credibility of Rotary as well as for the future of mankind.  Clubs can assist by:

  • Making donations of at least $1,000 per club per annum to match the Bill and Melinda Gates challenge.

  • Sending volunteers for a National Immunisation Day in one of the countries where polio is still endemic.

  • Fundraising or organising an event around World Polio Day ( 24th October)  or World Rotary Day ( 23rd February) 

  • Participation in Purple4Polio & End Polio Now projects involving local communities


Education is the third element that is necessary to sustain a life above the poverty threshold.  Many of Rotary Club projects address the needs for literacy in developing countries by helping to fund a libraries and school books in deserving areas and countries. 

Disaster Relief

There are a number of Rotary inspired projects aimed specifically at providing quick and timely relief in times of emergency around the world.  Here are some examples:

  • Aquabox

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