Vocational Service

The duties of the Vocational Service Committee........

is to devise and carry into effect plans which will guide and assist the members of the Club in discharging their responsibilities in their vocational relationships and in improving the general standard of practice in their respective vocations


If you would like to make a donation to support any of our Rotary Charities or Vocational Projects you can do so here - It's very easy.... 



Vocational Service sub-pages:

Evening Meeting

more This is our second 'evening' meeting of this Rotary Year

Vocational Committee Minutes

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Speaker Event - Jackie Smith

more Jackie Smith of Uplands School/Uplands Educational Trust

Speaker Event - RYLA Students

more A talk about our RYLA students

Speaker Event - Abigail Sainty

more Today's speaker is Abigail Sainty from Villiers Park Educational Trust

RIBI President's Visit

more RIBI President's Visit

Speaker Event - Tom McMurray

more Tom McMurray from the Rotary Club of Eire

Speaker Event - STFC Chairman

more Our speaker today is the STFC Chairman

Evening Meeting

more Sons & Daughters Evening - Speaker Kevin Young

Speaker Event - Kim Swinden

more Kim Swinden of HOMETRUTHS

Speaker Event - Krzystof Talikowski

more Krzystof Talikowski (Chris) - ‘Fit Drinking’.

more 12:30 for 13:00 - 14:00 Speaker Arthur Beltrami

September 2010 News

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Evening Meeting - Mike Pringle

more Our speaker this evening is Dr Mike Pringle - Arts & Heritage Development talking on 'The Home Front' during the war