The Role of the Membership Committee

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Chair Hazel Yates

John Powell, Bill Vine, Bill Shaw


The Membership Committee contributes to the life of the Club in three main areas: membership recruitment, membership retention, and raising the Club profile.  Progress has been made in recent years in each of these:

1.  Membership Recruitment

Club membership has been increasing steadily.  Thanks to the recent arrival of new members, our current membership up to 40.  Our aim is to continue building up our membership, with the active participation of all existing Club members.

2.  Membership Retention

Members are likely to stay in a club if it helps them to contribute effectively and if they enjoy club activities.  The Membership Committee has made a point of encouraging newer members to put forward ideas for developing club life.  Arrangements we are currently developing include visits to other clubs and hosting a social evening with neighbouring clubs in Shropshire.

3.  Raising the Club Profile

Last year, the Membership Committee, in conjunction with our daughter club Oswestry Borderland, held two new members receptions locally.  This made the public more aware of what Rotary does and the help it can provide, and provided many people with an opportunity to talk about Rotary life in an enjoyable setting.

We are now planning to build up contact with "Friends of Rotary" - those not currently in a position to become Rotarians, but interested in helping our fundraising.  We want to strengthen our links with several groups of people, including:

  • younger people who don't at present have enough time or money to commit themselves to Rotary membership, but who could be keen to support the Club;
  • business people, again unable at present to commit to Rotary membership, but who can help us in raising money and in other ways.

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