The Role of the International Committee

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Chair David Griggs

John Thompson, Mike Jones, Don Howard

The job of the International Committee is to direct the Club's attention to the need to seek out opportunities to enhance the lives of people in the developing areas of the world . . . briefly to put the International into Rotary International!

To this end the group will focus on the following aspects:

*  Deliver on projects within Africa which allow practical results to support daily life
*  Give priority to those schemes which detail self help business opportunities
*  Work with one local primary and one local secondary school to support those parts of the curriculum which emphasise International relationships
*  Aim to build the foundations for ensuring an overseas Link Club is finally achieved
*  Continue to hold an annual International Students Evening, with students from a range of local secondary schools
*  Raise the Club's awareness of developing world projects by a series of talks
*  Respond positively to any major world disaster, agreed by RI or Rotary GB&I

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