JOINING ROTARY CLUB of IRONBRIDGE (or just wishing to visit)

How about having fun while helping the local community? Come and SEE what we do. You can also see us on Facebook.



Interested in joining the Rotary Club of Ironbridge? Then nothing could be easier, simply contact anyone in the club or our secretary:

David Jeffries on 01902 851831 or e mail

The club is open to men and women and even before joining you are welcome (or should I say encouraged) to attend any of our meetings so you can see what we do and how we operate. We meet on at the Park House Hotel on Thursdays at 7.00pm for fellowship, a simple meal and then a short meeting. But on the first Thursday at 7.30pm we hold what is called a guest night when you can invite wives, partners or friends come along.

Our dress code is simple for the men, smart casual  for normal meetings and a suit or jacket and tie for guest nights. And for the women, well you instinctively know about these things.

You dont have to be a club member to attend a meeting and see what we do - so what's stopping you, contact us NOW!