About the Club Committees

How the Club is Organised

Club Administration

This committee conducts all club administration activities and arranges social events. It is also responsible for Membership Development and Public Relations. The President/Elect is chairman of this committee (ex officio).

Service Projects

This committee plans and carries out Educational, Humanitarian and Vocational projects that address the needs of the club's community and those in other countries. We help groups and individuals who need immediate assistance or on-going aid, either with money or practical help. It is responsible for the club's charitable donations to local causes (often with help from the B O Davies Trust), those in our Rotary District in the North East, and to projects in the whole of Britain.

Foundation and Youth Activities

This committee deals with matters relating to Foundation, Rotary's own charity. This is Rotary International's charity work involved in Health, Education and Rotary Cultural Assistance to communities in the developing world. Rotary is the largest sponsor of university scholarships in the world, and also helps mainly younger professionals and business people to visit other parts of the world to see "how they do it there". Similar foreign groups are also hosted here.

Club Council (Board)

This is the club's governing body. Its members are the president, president-elect, vice president, secretary, treasurer, immediate past president, assistant secretary/registrar, and four others. The council is elected to manage the interests of the club as a whole.