Best Foot Forward

Fund raising to help Rotary or to raise funds for your own club or organisation. For a fee of £7.00 per person you can join us at Chancellor's Court, University of Birmingham and take advantage of the equipment and facilities we will have in place.

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Walk, jog, push a buggy or travel in a wheelchair to help us raise funds for St. Mary's Hospice and the club's own charities. 

You can also register with us and obtain sponsorship for your own charity or organisation but share in the facilities we will be providing. 

Walk for as long as you like, (4 laps around the court is 1 mile) take a break, (coffee shop adjacent) or go away and come back again and continue.  You will be provided with a personal chip to keep tally of the lalps you have done.

Registration for sharing in this event and using the lap tally chip and water costs £7.00.  

Sponsorship forms are on the website:

or contact

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