We regret that there will be no Swimarathon this year

What local event has been happening for the last 28 years (minus the COVID blip!)? Has given huge enjoyment and a sense of purpose to thousands of young swimmers? And has raised over £185.000 for charities and good causes (and, of course, boosted their own funds!) along the way?

Only one answer – the Kingsbridge Estuary Rotary Club’s annual Swimarathon!

This wonderful event which involved local schools, clubs, associations and groups had been a permanent fixture on the calendar for so many years that some of the longer serving Rotarians helping with the organisation on the day have recognised former swimmers bringing their own children to take part!

As one parent explained, “When I took part with my primary school it was the first chance I had had to really get involved in charity fundraising. We had so much fun but it was made even better because we were doing something good to help others and, of course, our school benefited, too! I was so pleased my own children have had the same opportunity to get involved in something so special.”

Some of those swimmers from the event’s early days now enter as adult teams, too. and it is clearly an event which holds a special place in the hearts of the local community. As Robin Rose-Price, the lead organiser for the Rotary Club added, “It was humbling to see youngsters giving their all for their school teams and then coming back again a couple of hours later to do the same – with just as much enthusiasm – as a Scout or Guide or member of a sports team!

Over the years, the charities and good causes who have received funding as a result of the monies raised by the Swimarathon have been many and varied, some very local and others, further afield with a national reach but the 50% share of sponsorship monies returned to the teams – over £92,250 – has enabled so much to happen in, or be provided for, the local community.

Often coinciding with the LifeSkills Day hosted at Quayside Leisure Centre, sadly, due to factors outside the Rotary Club’s control around lack of resources, etc. there will not be a 2024 Swimarathon.

Robin commented, “We realise this will be just as much a disappointment to many, young and old, as it is to our members but it cannot be helped. However if there are any willing volunteers out there who would like to join us and help organise alternative activities or events, we would be delighted to hear from you. Just contact Beverley using the form below and find out how  you could get involved.”

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