Club Service

Club Service Committee

Functions of the Club Service Committee

Club Service is exactly what it says on the tin: oiling the wheels, keeping the Club serviced, helping to make sure that routine things happen and that the Club runs smoothly as possible.

Activities include co-ordinating the programme of speakers, monitoring attendance at meetings and other Rotary events, liaising with the management of the Steeton Hall Hotel (which is where the Keighley Rotary Club meets,) and co-ordinating membership recruitment and retention.

Club Service is regarded by many Rotary leaders as the most important part of the club mechanism because without a well-functioning club, little else can be performed via the other Avenues of Service.

The better organised the internal workings of the club, the more free are the individual members, to serve their community and the more effective their efforts will be. The more successful the club is at recruiting and keeping new members, the more will be the opportunities for service.

It is also very important that the Club provides the service that members want and that includes opportunities to serve. If members are satisfied that the goals of the Club coincide with their own personal goals, they will feel more engaged with each other, the Club and the community which they serve. Within the broad remit of Rotary International, each club runs itself in a manner which feels right for its members. What works well in one club may not necessarily work well in another. It is the job of Club Service to find out what works well for their members and provided that it is consonant with Rotary ideals, to help to put it in practice.

The Social Committee has now been taken under the wing of the Club Service Committee

The combined Club Service committee members for 2015/2016 are as follows:-

Chairman                              President Elect Marie Hickman

                                                      Hon. Sec Dick Hazlehurst

                                                      Past President Warren Oates

                                                      Past President Priestly Brook

                                                       Past President Cyril Birch

                                                       Rtn Mary Parker

                                                       Rtn Nancy Holdsworth



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