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Young Musician Competition

Saturday, November 4th at Keighley Shared Church

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The Youth Opportunities & Vocational Service Committee  

Rotary encourages all family members to take part in activities and programmes, and especially offers the opportunity for young people to develop personal skills and a better awareness of problems that face the world today. It is also an opportunity to meet, work and have a great time with like-minded young people, guided and supported by Rotarians.   The recognition of the worthiness to society of all useful occupations; and
 the contribution of one's vocational talents to the problems and needs of society is a driving force.
Vocational Service is the responsibility of both a Rotary club and its members.  The role of the club and our committee is to develop projects that help members contribute their vocational talents. 
The concept of Vocational Service evolved from the Rotary classifications principle - a feature originally unique to Rotary that limited active membership to two representatives per club, from each business or profession.  The classification system although slightly modified, remains to this day. The combined knowledge and experience gives each club the resources to complete projects that address all aspects of the second Avenue of Vocational Service. Typical live projects are, the RYLA outward bound programme for young people and the annual Technology Tournament.
Vocational Service has a commitment to prepare the young community for the time to come and to educate them in the philosophy of business networking which brings businesses together for the benefit of all.  






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