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Desai School improvements now going ahead.

Pershore Rotary Club sent £1950 for the improvement work on Desai School

We raised enough money for Swindon Old Town Rotary to reach their £9000 target.  Thier application for a global grant was successful so in total the Desai project received £31000. The project is being managed by Mike Welsh Swindon Old Town working closely with a Rotary Club in Nairobi. 

2015-2016 Project - DESAI SCHOOL

This year we are aiming to raise £1400 for The Rotary Desai School Project in Nairobi, Kenya.

14 years ago Mike Welsh (Swindon Old Town Rotary) raised enough money to partner a Rotary Club in Nairobi and build a school in a slum. 

This school only takes children from the slum and gives them some hope for a future. The staff are also recruited from the same slum and are trained to teach to a high standard. The examination results have proved to be excellent. Now they want to improve the accomodation to enable 150 more pupils to attend the school, install a kitchen so students can study without hunger and add safe secure  water and electricity supplies.

Swindon is working closely with a Rotary Club in Nairobi and have applied for a global grant.

Effectively this means each £1 we contribute will eventually provide the project with £3.44

Antiques Evening and Other Sources raise £3500

2014-15 fundraising raised £3500 and this was transferred to  Kandy Rotary Club in January 2015.

Several eye camps were organised by Kandy Club and we are awaiting the final result.

 £4539  transferred to Rotary Club of Kandy

Kandy Club organised three eye camps in different areas of Sri Lanka.

The first in the north east at Mullaittivu screening 500 people, the second in an impoversished area north of Kandy and the third in a suberb of Kandy. In total 1500 were screened by professional Sri Lankan opticians who gave up their time free of charge. Most people received prescription spectacles and a smaller percentage were given cataract operations. 

John and Anne Angood from our club visited 2 of these eye camps with their Kandy Rotarian friends.  Lots of photographs were taken.

John said " It was incredible to witness such an efficient organisation of a large team of volunteers with the result of  a new life of sight  for 1500 people at £3 per person "

International Kandy Eye Camp Vision Project


The ferret racing evening with food and bar in Defford village hall was great fun and a huge success. We made a net profit of 1184.22.


In addition one of our Rotarians donated 500 and we received a District Grant for 730.


Just before the ferret racing John and his wife Anne were walking on the island of La Gomera. They stopped in a small fish restaurant for lunch and chatted to the couple on the next table.


John said Pershore Rotary was organising a ferret racing evening on his return to UK and if the club raised 1000 then Rotary District would give  730 to match.  Helen replied "I'll give you 1000 from my trust fund. A week later at a party John was relating this fascinating story to Cara. She immediately said  "Could you use another 1000 from our charitable fund"  He said yes !!!


So the sum total raised was 4539.  Isn't Rotary amazing!!!


These funds will enable Kandy Rotary Club to run 2 eye camps.   Spectacles will be fitted and cataract operations given to those in need.  The first eye camp has now taken place in Mullaittivu (north east Sri Lanka) on the weekend 22nd March 2014. This was the area of the final stages of the war - so there is a real need for help. 625 people were screened and 596 people are receiving prescription spectacles. 12 will be taken to hospital for cataract operations.


The second eye camp will take place in April/May.  

Committee members:

 John Angood,  (Chairman);  John Barratt, Clive Crouch, David Finch, Chris Meredith; Jo Oxspring

Pershore Rotary Club Trust Fund, Charity number 1022572