Celebrating Pershore in Bloom

Pershore Rotary takes pride in its local community and has supported "Pershore in Bloom" since 2008. A great welcome to Pershore !

A great welcome to Pershore - the annual display of hangimg baskets are provided and maintained by David Moule of Mill Lane Nurseries, Drakes Broughton. "Pershore in Bloom" is organised by Councillor Val Wood and Rotarian Cairns Boston with funding from Wychavon DC, Pershore Civic Society and Pershore Rotary.

Pershore Rotary is always looking for ways to support our local community so we aim to plan and carry out educational. humanitarian and vocational projects that address the needs of the Club's community - i.e the area around Pershore.

  • Work with the local community to find out what and where needs exist that we may be able to help.
  • To consider which projects to support, in consultation with the Club President and subject to the approval of the Club members.
  • To take note of those service initiatives selected by District in planning the programme.
  • To build up PROGS the "Pershore Rotary Grants Fund" to provide a vehicle for funding these needs.

To be responsible for communication with both the local community and the club members.

  • Local community through the Press (PR), Website, Participation in Local Events, Rolling display for Tree of Lights in Broad Street, Facebook, Twitter, Street Collections
  • Communication with the members and larger Rotary community through Bulletin, Website, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail 

Fund raising activities and other projects include:-

  • Fully supporting Tree-of-Lights committee in aid of Acorns, Riverside Centre and PROGS
  • Pershore street collections for PROGS
  • Evening Fund Raising Event for PROGS
  • Richard Martyr prize to Pershore College student
  • Usborne Illustrated Dictionaries for First School leavers