Community Service Committee

The main duties are:-

To plan and carry out educational. humanitarian and vocational projects that address the needs of the Club's community - i.e the area around Pershore.

  • Work with the local community to find out what and where needs exist that we may be able to help.
  • To consider which projects to support, in consultation with the Club President and subject to the approval of the Club members.
  • To take note of those service initiatives selected by District in planning the programme.
  • To build up PROGS the "Pershore Rotary Grants Fund" to provide a vehicle for funding these needs.

To be responsible for communication with both the local community and the club members.

  • Local community through the Press (PR), Website, Participation in Local Events, Rolling display for Tree of Lights in Broad Street, Facebook, Twitter, Street Collections
  • Communication with the members and larger Rotary community through Bulletin, Website, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail 

Fund raising activities and other projects to be organised by the Committee to include:-

  • Fully supporting Tree-of-Lights committee in aid of Acorns, Riverside Centre and PROGS
  • Golf Day for Kids Out
  • Pershore street collections for PROGS
  • Evening Fund Raising Event for PROGS
  • Richard Martry prize to Pershore College student
  • Usborne Illustrated Dictionaries for First School leavers


Peter Gardner (Chairman and Web), Ken Corrighan (PR), Ken Rowe, Ron Davis (Corporate Sponsors), Stephen Malkinson, John Rosier, Gerry Canvin (Kids Out)