International Projects

New Well which we funded in Malawi

Our International activities include support for:

Shelter Box which provides tailored relief in disaster situations - we aim to put one box to stock each year so that they can be deployed promptly when disasters arise.

The Joshua Orphan and Community Care Trust operates in several villages in a remote area of Malawi.  We have raised money for water related projects in these villages including repair of an existing well, provision of a new well and a water harvesting scheme. The Trust is led by a woman from Purley and the Trustees are based here.

Our support for the eradication of Polio is also an international activity as the activity continues to reduce the number of countries and importantly rivers where the virus can still be caught.

Rotary Foundation which carries out a programme of humanitarian projects linking up with clubs in the locality where the project is delivered to make sure that they are accurately targetted and fully implemented.  The foundation also promotes international understanding with a special focus on peace studies at centers around the world including Bradford University.

UN Women UK: Uniquely one of our former members and Past Presidents is President of UN Women UK which has given us a tremendous insight into the workings of that organisation and the potential for collaboration with Rotary at every level as a force for improving the lot of at least one half of humanity and we support their activity loally on Twitter.

Over the years we have explored the possibility of a matched funding project with a clubs in Malawi, Gyana and Tanzania without success so far but this remains a significant ambition for the club and money is earmarked within ght e Trust Fund against this opportunity. These joint club initiatives are fundamental to the way Rotary International delivers Humanitarian Aid  with the local club idenifying the need and project managing the inmplenmentation supported by funds from the First World country.

International Projects sub-pages:

A montage ot the stages of the project through construction to inauguration event.

WASH in Chennai Project

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A visitor from Kenya

more Report of the visit by Rotarian Dr Kerambu Ringera

Villagers inspect the well head

Joshua Orphan's Trust (Malawi)

more Villagers celebrate construction of new well

Shelter Box in use in Haiti

Shelter Box Images


Joshua Autumn 2010 Newsletter

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