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    On 26 April 1939, at a meeting held in Curnow's Cafe (now known as 'The Hain Line' [JD Wetherspoon] in Tregenna Place) it was decided to form a Rotary Club of St. Ives.
    On 19 July of the same year the interim Club was inaugurated, and on 7 December Rotarian R. Bennett Webb of the Truro Club and Chairman of District 17, presented Founder President, the Reverend A.M. Mock, with our Charter.

    Luncheon then cost two shillings and sixpence (12 p in today's money). The onset of war presented a threat to the newly formed club, with many members leaving to serve in the forces. To help the war effort it was resolved to-restrict lunch to bread and cheese for the duration of the war - but this resolution only lasted 36 days!
    Early in the war years, the Club was 'evicted' from the Regent Hotel when the Hotel was requisitioned by the military authorities.
    For many years now the Club has met each Wednesday at  12.45 for 1.00 pm for lunch and meetings at the Tregenna Castle Hotel.
    Internationally, we have a very active link with the Rotary Club of Saint Brieuc in Brittany. This began in 1970, and in the spring of each odd numbered year a group of Rotarians and their wives visit the Club in Brittany for a delightful long weekend of international fellowship. In even numbered years, we host our French friends, when they come to St. Ives.
    Each year we raise money for a variety of projects within the local community, in Cornwall and overseas and have lots of fun in the process! The Club is always keen to welcome new members.
    If you are interested in doing your bit for the community  and enjoy the fellowship and fun that our Club offers,  please come and join us.  For further information, please contact our Secretary, Vic Wallis Tel: 01736 448927.