This is the membership committee

Hello this is me, Stuart Sawle I am responsible for developing the membership of the club, attracting new members and helping them to settle in.

Our Rotary club meets every Monday at 6:45 (excluding Bank Holidays). I would very much welcome the opportunity to meet you and introduce you to our members.

In these busy times, that statement is often enough to discourage any potential member!  Please don't be discouraged.  Rotary meetings are not like other meetings you may attend. They are not working meetings. We meet every week because we enjoy each other's company.

We all have to eat, so we share a good (and remarkably inexpensive) meal. We have a jolly good natter around the table; the club's comedian tells a story or two; and we usually have an after-dinner speaker who will educate us, entertain us or, often, reduce us to tears!

Our President usually allows about 10 minutes for the various committee chairmen to update the members on the progress of our projects. (The main work is carried out by the service committees (action groups) who meet on an "as needs" basis to plan and co-ordinate our projects).

Ah yes! I hear you say, Rotarians are all well-off, people with time on their hands. Not so.

Most of us hold down ordinary jobs in this very demanding economy. We don't necessarily get to every meeting - but we do get to most.

What makes us different is that we care! We care about the underpriviliged. We care about the health of children in underdeveloped countries. We care about awful diseases like Polio. We care about our local community. We care enough to do something about it - and when over a million Rotarians around the world act togther - believe me, we do make a difference.

Do you care enough to join us?

Click the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page to send me an email and join us at one of our meetings. Try it - you'll love it.

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