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ComVoc programme 2021-2

Firstly, I should like to express sincere thanks for support from past ComVoc committee members David Saxon, Tom Milburn, Richard Stout.

I welcome onto the new team David and Dorothy Whitfield Bott, Tom Dalzell and David Hope. As always, any volunteers will be most welcome and further suggestions to the foregoing will be appreciated.

·         Traditionally, the ComVoc team has concentrated on supporting local and national charitable campaigns, aiming both to raise money, either directly for Rotary or indirectly for third-party organisations, as well as raising the profile of Rotary. This involves planning, promoting and implementing activities to improve the quality of life on a needs basis within our local community and encouraging young people to make the best of their talents (in conjunction with the Club's Youth team).

·         We intend to maintain these ideals during the forthcoming year insofar as we can, despite uncertainties raised by Covid 19 about the future and which have severely limited much of our intended action over the past year. We also intend to promote and encourage environmental awareness within the community.

Despite many of us being aged over 70, and with limited Club finances, the current plan from ComVoc as to how we can most effectively use available resources to support the community is as follows:

Subject to any current restrictions, to pursue an active involvement in customary

activities such as:

·         The annual MacMillan Coffee Morning.

·         The Copeland Community Stroke Prevention Project.

·         The annual Rotary Tech Tournament.
Support for Calvert Trust.

·         Support for Calderwood House.

·         Gardening at St Nicholas & bulb planting in Whitehaven.

·         Kids Out (traditionally handled by Gordon Southward).

In addition, anticipating that in the forthcoming months Covid will carry on causing hardship locally,

·         Continue to provide financial support to North Lakes Foodbank.

·         Offer practical assistance to North Lakes Foodbank (e.g. helping to man when circumstances permit, possibly on a one day a week rota.  Note: Insurance would need to be carefully checked beforehand.)

·         Within our limited resources, participate with Whitehaven Castle Club in a joint project set up with the Commissioners of Whitehaven Harbour.

Please note that having formally agreed to this after the majority of members recently

voted in favour, it is no longer appropriate for dissenting views to be expressed.

·         Investigate, via the Harbour Youth Programme and Princes Trust, how we can support/encourage local unemployed youth.

·         Provide limited support for the 2021 Rotary "Wrap up Cumbria" project (if it takes place).

·         Investigate in conjunction with Woodland Trust, the possibility of initiating a club project through which local schools become involved in tree awareness and planting.

John Kennedy (1/6/21)


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