Sale Rotary Club Officers, Chair Persons and Honorary Members. 2019-2020

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John Alcock PHF President 2019-2020

President Elect:  Michael Riley 

First Vice President: David Williams PHF

Club Secretary: David O'Hara MPHF

Treasurer: Helen Doherty PHF 

David Williams PHF: Membership Chair.

Rob Chilton PHF : Chairman of Community and Vocation.    

Bob Richardson PHF: Youth Committee Chairman. 

Peter MundayPHF: Chairman of Foundation. 

Karen WroePHF: Chair International.

Christine Stout: Club Service and Events.

Honorary members are 

John Taylor

Mandy O'Hara PHF President Sale Inner Wheel 2019-2020

Graham Field

David Higgins

David Howard

John Robinson

Hilary Morris

Maureen Morris

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