International Projects

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International Projects


Over the past six years the club has focused with great success on supporting the work of a small Irish charity called Zamda Ireland.  We have helped this charity, which is totally run by volunteers, to build two schools catering for 470 of some of the poorest and most vulnerable children on the planet.  At the Sables Nua School in Kabwe, Zambia, 220 children are clothed, fed, educated and in the case of 24 street children they are housed. Members of the club have visited Zambia on two occasions to support the volunteers on the ground and to report back to the Club on progress.  The International Committee runs the Club's annual barbeque in early September with the proceeds of the day being used to support our International Projects.


International Emergency Aid


The Club maintains a reserve of €5,000 and uses it to respond to international emergencies. In recent years we have donated this reserve to relief work following the tsunami in the far east and again to help rebuild an Italian village after destruction by devastating earthquakes.  After a disbursement the Club members rally to replace the funds so that we can be ready to respond to the next disaster.


International Fellowship.


Our club is a member of the international groupings of Rotary clubs; The Leonardo da Vinci Group.  The Leonardo da Vinci  organises annual weekend meetings with clubs in different countries taking turns to host the weekend.  It also present Bursaries on an annual basis.


Our club has twinned with the Tours Rotary Club, France and each year we take it in turn to visit each other for a weekend with members of the two clubs home-hosting. We jointly contribute to a school project in Burkina Faso, Africa.