Sale Rotary Club's outdoor music concert in 2010

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It was the summer that Sale went around the world - in music.

The day that Rotarians staged one of the summer's most original musical events featuring some of the country's best young musicians.

The outdoor event, at the Sale Football Club ground on Saturday, 26th June 2010, featured blues, gospel, jazz, indie folk, classical music and African drumming to represent the way that the Rotary movement has spread worldwide.

The four-hour event was held to raise funds for local charities and deserving causes as well as helping fund Rotary's national and international commitment to support people who desperately need help.

Musicians from the Royal Northern College of Music put together a wide-ranging programme of different musical styles that stretched from the blues of Rotary's Chicago birthplace through the American, European and African continents.

"It was a great community day out for the whole family to have fun, bring a picnic, listen to music and raise money at the same time - most of which will be given back to Sale," says Graham King, the then president of Sale Rotary Club.

And weather was not even a threat for spectators who preferred to use the football club's two covered stands, including seating in the North Grandstand.

Blues guitarist Brad Edmondson opened the concert and paved the way for African drumming from the Djembe Group followed by the soulful RNCM Gospel Choir, classical music from the D'Avanzo Quartet, and indie folk music from Feldspar, before exciting bill-topping jazz band Booth Street West closed the event.