Sale Rotary Club quizzes


Everybody loves nostalgia. Everybody has watched television. So we hope that the Sale Rotary Club's own TV Themes Nostalgia Quiz could be a winner to help other clubs raise money for their given projects . 

The specially devised quiz - a test of television memory dating back to the early 1950s - is a combination of an audio CD giving 30-second clips from favourite British and American series with questions on the programmes and their stars.  Forty clips in all and 55 questions. 

The quiz can be used all at once, for a stand-alone quiz night, or broken down into smaller sections as a feature for club meetings. The quizmaster can stop at any time to control the length of the event.  Or the package can be used by friends and families to play at home. 

The CD comes with a quizmaster's sheet of questions and answers as well as a 'questions only' sheet, with spaces for the answers, for team members or home players. These are available by e-mail so you can print whatever quantity you need.

The price is £10 (for Sale's benevolent fund) plus £1.50 delivery; contact Graham King on or telephone 0161 976 2729 for further details.