The Committee will continue to foster relations abroad and further the Rotary ideals

We have as of November 2016, lent money to over 666 individual entrepreneurs in nine third world countries - Philippinnes, Ecuador, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Pakistan, Benin and Togo. A total of over £18,,800 has already been lent (from an original a sum of £3,000) over four years to 666 'would be' new business people anxious to improve their lot through their own hard work and initiative. We are currently relending approx £500- £600 every month, As loans are repaid - monthly, the money is loaned out again to new borrowers. NOTE nobody has defaulted on their repayments !


The International programme for this year (2016-17) includes:

Continue contact with the Bangalore Rotary Club of Indiranaga, with possible new initiatives.

Work with the Framlingham College charities for Swaziland in conjunction with the RCs of Colchester and the club in Swaziland, for the furtherance of educational needs.

Work with the Framlingham College charities for Romania, exploring contacts with a Romanian Rotary Club to further this project together.

District 1080 LEND WITH CARE Micro Finance project, continue to involve ourselves with this, and promote same through the District and elsewhere.

And, provide Emergency aid as and when required in the nature of Shelterboxes etc.