Foundation Group

Currently all of our 'Good News' donations and given over to The Rotary Foundation.  We have 5 'Sustaining Members' who pay a small amount directly to the TRF each month and we would naturally like to encourage more members to do the same.  As members of Rotary International we are allowed to apply to TRF for grants to help us fund any appropriate project. The grant applications are always rigorously researched and in the case of International projects both Countries must have a Rotary Club involvement.  Local projects can be assisted by a District grant which is a percentage of our total contributions to TRF given back to the District and distributed to appropriate projects at a local or also international level.  Local projects can also be appropriate for a Global grant, IF YOU HAVE A PROJECT IN ALNWICK OR THE SURROUNDING AREA which you think would benefit from Rotary assistance please contact our Projects Chairman David Cant.

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