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Environmental work

Direct Environmental Improvement.

For more than seven years  club members have co-operated with  local residents in Thornton Village to contribute to  "Thornton in Bloom".  We sponsor and maintain two flower beds in the village. We have also been extensively involved with bulb planting in the area.


We continue to support a programme recycling printer cartridges and mobile phones and use the monies received from this to support our environmental work.

Supporting inner city woodland.

Over many years we have supported the work of the voluntary group "Heaton Woods Trust".   In 2016 we have provided the funds to build a childrens playground in the woods. We have also sponsored the planting of 10 trees via a donation to the Yorkshire Dales Millenium project.

Community clearups

We have recently linked up with another local Rotary Club to assist in their litter picking at a large local cemetary.

Contact us via the "Contact Us" button on the website which leads you to an email link.