Culture & Social events

Organises Club outings e.g. theatre, house tours etc

This person or persons arrange our cultural programme, this is typically an outing, not on a club meeting date, when those Rotarians who want to go on a cultural visit.  Such outings are usually with spouses and sometimes other family members.

Examples include trips to the theatre, country houses, guided walks in London etc.

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Tents use/ booking

more This section is to store the information about the tents jointly owned by the Farnborough and Rushmoor Clubs (Donkey Derby Committee).

Speaker Secretary

more Other Key Club roles that are typically performed by one person

Sports Officer

more Responsible for organising inter club sports events

Sergeant at Arms

more Fines us for any reason he/she can find!

Club Protection

more Protects the club from any Health and Safety concerns, CRB etc.

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Other Key Club Roles