Our Community Work

Rotary Golders Green's community work - The Lauderdale House Project, the supermarket collections, the message in a bottle scheme (MIAB)

The Lauderdale House Project

Eve (92), a former participant confided on the night: "I don't think I have been out even once in the past 12 months! I am so happy here at the Music Hall!"

Rotary Golders Green regularly take out a large number of of OAPs to a music show in Highgate, at Lauderdale House. Fellow Rotarians pick up their guests from their homes and accompany them for an hour or two at the show. And our guests get redelivered home.

This project draws a lot of praise from its beneficiaries. It is, if thruth be told, also a lot of work. The compliments that roll in at the end, they make this definitely worthwhile.


The supermarket collections

3 times a year, the RC of Golders Green collects outside Tesco's and Sainsbury's in Golders Green, Brent Cross and Muswell. No, we aren't after money, we're after tins and cans for the Homeless Action Barnet (HAB)

On each occasion we deliver between 1300-1500 food items to HAB. The most commonly donated foodstuff is beans.


The Message in a Bottle Scheme

This amazing Scheme was inaugurated in the presence of the Mayor of Barnet, Cllr. Melvyn Cohen recently.

Started in South Wales, the Scheme has now spread to an area of the UK which has a population of near 4.2 million.
The Bottle,  given initially to vulnerable, and elderly people - is a Life-Saver.

The Bottle is kept in the refrigerator. The Emergency Services have been made aware of the possibility that these persons may have one of these bottles. It contains personal information such as their doctor's name and address, their next-of kin,  and medications that are taken.

In the event of the Emergency Services being called, a glance at a Green-Cross marker on the rear of the front door, and a further one on the refrigerator quickly leads to the information which could save precious time for ambulance crews or other emergency services.



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