Jubilee Charity Fund

The Jubilee Charity Fund

The Jubilee Charity Fund of the Rotary Club of Edinburgh is a charity (SC008757) set up by the Club on its 50th Jubilee Year, 1962.

The objectivess of the Trust Fund are:

a) To assist those in need, either directly or by giving grants to other organisations equipped to do so, especially:

        the poor

        the young

        those with special needs, because of illness and/or disability

        those concerned with the welfare of animals

b)   To provide support for the advancement of:



        medical research

c)   To give consideration to supporting any of the above that is:

        located or based in or around the City of Edinburgh

        located or based in a country without developed support structures

The Trustees of the Fund are two senior Officers of the Rotary Club of Edinburgh and six ordinary members who have been elected at the Club's AGM.

Applications for funding by individuals or organisations should be made on the Application Form which can be found here and sent to the Fund Secretary whose address is on the Form.